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Sound Healing, Reiki, Yoga and Energy Healing
Nourish, Strengthen, Align & Rise in Love
Serving Ventura County

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 Experience greater focus, better sleep, and peace of mind. Pure Love is a center for transformation into pure radiance. Nurturance, Empowerment and Support for your soul.


     "I was recently in the 08/08/22 Lion's Gate Sacred Sound Ceremony, held at Yoga Jones on Santa Clara in Ventura where Devon co-led with Nancy Nevison, and they were both skillful in bringing healing to the group.

     I loved relaxing deeply to the gongs, bowls, and lights set up...  And, being invited to lie down comfortably, with some space between, with other truth seekers, and gong lovers, was nourishing.  

There were many pulsing lights spread out in the room that changed colors and I felt safe and relaxed. 

Devon and Nancy circulated around the room with varying healing sounds, bowls, vocals, and other instruments.   An hour and a half had passed and I felt more relaxed afterward.   It felt like a portal was opened that we were able to utilize to move us to the next level...

     Next chance you get, gift yourself a sound bath with Devon, so you can heal and relax."

Tricia Fortina, Cranial Sacral & Massage Therapist, Multipure

     "I feel amazing, Devon. Thanks again for everything. I can’t wait to be back in Ojai for another session.  I feel at peace today, not rushed or “busy”. It’s almost like you powered me with some of that west coast vibe!   Thank you so much!"

Meghan O'Rourke, Reiki & Sound Healing Client

“Devon helped me overcome my anxiety by leading me through a very peaceful sound healing session.  She helped me to renew my soul by calming my heart and created a trusting environment.  I am inspired by her progress each week and my anxiety has gotten so much better. I now have peace in my days! Thank you Devon!”

“Devon Sophia has a voice of the Angels that helps one to let go of the mind and surrender into the heart. She is a kind and patient teacher who assists one in learning how to awaken and tone with their own voice. Her Sound Baths are relaxing and healing while listening to the tones of crystal singing bowls and such beautiful sweet Angelic tones of the special Crystal Pyramid that she plays....not to forget the wonderful and deep penetrating, cleansing sounds of the large Gong.”

“Devon has hosted several toning circles at Yoga Jones and the experiences are really incredible!”

"Devon shared peaceful advice with me. I am her brother, and I have Autism, and her support  helped clear my mind from a headache and relieved some anxiety." 

Ian Delaney, Musician

“Devon Sophia speaks directly from her highest heart energetic with purest intention for creation of a healing space that is quintessentially the frequency of Love. Rise In Love perfectly describes what she embodies and emanates through her work as an Energy Medicine Practitioner. Her light filled, peaceful presence, exquisite vocals, multiple energy healing tools and professionalism will allow graceful, yet powerful softening into a co-creational acceptance of healing and regeneration."

Gemma O'Rourke, Artist

Devon Sophia Delaney is a Certified Reiki Therapist, Sound Healing Practitioner and Certified Yoga Instructor offering online and local RSVP classes, events and sessions. 
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