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About Pure Love Holistic Arts

Delaney Holistic Arts, formerly Rise In Love, is also now known as Pure Love Holistic Arts, is a holistic wellness center for Wellness in Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.  Pure Love Holistic Arts offers services in the areas of harmonic balance, expressive arts, holistic education, and energy alignment. 





This is the origin and message of Rise In Love :


At our core, we are all perfect, whole, and complete just as we are.   For 26,000 years we experienced every possible version of ourselves, through ancestors, DNA, and our own personal experiences.  Now, in this moment, the pendulum is swiftly swinging in return to Love. We are called to Love because only Love is Real. 

The energy pathways are all in service to return us all to Love.  I am, but one human, on the Earth, that heard the call like many of you to Rise in Love.  To learn to release judgement, to learn to forgive and to learn to trust again. The energy of the Divine Feminine is supporting the evolution of humanity through light, hue and frequency, all in Divine Love. 


We are all teachers and students of life, and are on unique pathways converging at one point to Rise In Love. 

Devon Sophia

Align, Embody, and Rise in Love .

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