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A new insight was discovered in reading The Indigo Children by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. What if these children have been trying to tell us something, to communicate what isn't working in our world, so that it can shift, or are preparing us for the shifting of the world as we know it? In my observations, it is both. Indigo Children have been communicating by reacting outwardly at the left-brain dominant collective, because when they experience it, it doesn't work for them. Over the last several decades, these children have been a wake up call, not to change them, but to change ourselves, our learning environments, our systems, and our greater world, as they have experienced an inner pole shift, they have better prepared us to bring balance.


Starseed tutoring is offering an alternative to traditional tutoring by honoring the multi-dimensional holistic perspective of the whole child. The Starseed is any individual that feels a connection to the stars.  These may be Crystal Children, Indigos, Rainbow Children, and those with other connections to the stars. 

With a Masters in Education and Clear credentials in both Special Education and Art Education, I offer a grounded, compassionate, and creative background. I have eight years of experience as an educator, primarily of students with special needs, in diverse, rural, metropolitan, alternative education (Juvenile Hall and Mental Health), charter, private, and home school settings, as well as in online classrooms. Recently, I studied Waldorf methods, including creative arts, and somatic movement. Currently, I am studying Elementary Methods in Multiple Subjects and Reading. With this unique background, as well as my personal journey as an indigo child, I nurture, understand, create and hold a safe space for the innocence, light energy sensitivity, alignment, and illumination of the Starseed child.

Starseed tutoring honors the natural development of the child, including the physical brain development, as well as intuition, imagination, and inspiration.  By creating space to receive intuition, nurture creative imagination, and share inspiration in the natural world, children are more likely to easily live in alignment with their soul's calling.  Integrating my awareness of this holistic perspective, as well as my wealth of experience teaching and learning from children in a myriad of educational environments from general to specialized to alternative forms of education, I am prepared to serve the highest and best good for your child and family. 

Areas of Service in Starseed Tutoring:

* K-5 Academic Teaching (reading, writing and math)

* Identifying Academic levels and core needs through Informal classroom-based assessments that will support the holistic development of the child on a soul level 

* Share understanding and support of awakening intuition

* Bring inspiration from the natural world into the classroom

* Encourage the pure imagination and creativity of the child 

* Collaborate with families on the best holistic learning plan for their Starseed child.    

* Foster magic, hope and love, and stories of happily ever after

If you are interested in Starseed Tutoring for your child, please reach me, Devon Sophia at 805-515-8732 or or Visit for additional offerings from the heart.

My divine partner appreciates my strengths and my imperfections. My divine partner is not afraid of my shadow and my light. My divine partner walks with me by my side through the joys and the challenges. My divine partner treasures my love; sees me completely, hears my truth, and nourishes my soul. My divine partner is there for me, when I need my divine partner most. My divine partner also honors my space, when I need it most. My divine partner leans into our love, and leans into the deepening intimacy. My divine partner treasures me, likes being with me, and the time we have together. My divine partner understands my pain and trauma, and wants to help me grow through it into greater healthy loving connection. My divine partner can sit with the fact that I have acted out of fear, in the past, and loves me anyway. My divine partner can hear my whole story, and listen without judgement. My divine partner sees where I kiss heaven and touch the stars with my soul. My divine parter's soul meets mine. We are One.

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Devon Sophia is a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Sound Energy Practitioner Offering Livestream, Online and In Studio Classes, Events and Sessions. Align & Rise in Love
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