• Devon

Bluebirds and Blueskies

This morning I walked outside where there was a bright blue sky with a brilliant shining sun and was greeted by two bluebirds sitting on the fence. Bluebirds are a symbol of transformation and new beginnings, and this case, freedom. I went to go feed my dog, and realized that one of the bluebirds was still on the ground. It made its way up into the Japanese maple tree, and then struggled to fly higher. The dog was also intrigued by the little bird, and so I put her on the other side of the fence to wait and enjoy her kibble breakfast. The little bluebird continued to try to fly by pouncing on rose bushes, tall weeds, and off the wood pile. It had no such luck. When I came closer, it backed up. So I gave it space, and a little energywork or reiki, and it received the healing through my hands at a short distance. I contemplated getting a cage to nurse it back to health, but there was no injury, it just needed nourishment to be able to get the energy to fly. So, I brought back mealworms from the store, and then gave the little bluebird more energywork. It started to close its eyes peacefully, and received the energy. I left water and the mealworms for the little bird, and went inside the house to attend to some things. I returned a few hours later, and it was gone, and its food and water were untouched. The little bluebird flew away.

I share this story with you because it relates a lot to the lightworker, as well as the Divine Union journey. Just as the two bluebirds were together, and one flew away, while the other lost balance and flew down, we also are learning to fly. As we move into higher levels of vibration, we want other lightworkers and/or are Divine Partner to be there right with us. But sometimes we learn to fly at different times, levels,and speeds. Honor where this person is at and give them space for their own growth, shifts of perspective and nurturing of their own inner child. Divine TIming factors into all of this because our higher selves are really running the show. Perhaps you have been clearing all your energy through receiving energy sessions, and doing your own clearing work. Thank you for taking the steps to clear your energy, and it is helping the whole collective, and your divine partner. Energywork, as shared in the bluebird story, is healing as well as nourishing. We all are going to receive the healing and clearings to the degree that our higher selves allow and in divine timing we all will fly. As we raise in vibration, we move into the energy of divine love, and experience true inner joy, freedom and vitality.


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