• Devon

Divine Balance

Just as I was writing this blog, my two cats started cuddling together in a sweet yin yang formation. This is confirmation of this natural order and balance of life! One aspect of bringing everything into balance is with the feminine and masculine energies. I say energies because a man can carry the feminine energy and a woman can carry the masculine energy. Whatever energy you received coming into form on this planet is the collective that you were born into. For example, if you were born a woman, and carry the feminine energy, then you are connected to the collective of all feminine energy. Likewise, if you were born a man, and carry the masculine energy, then you are connected to the collective of all masculine energy. There is a distinction between the feminine of the collective now and the divine feminine. Just as there is a distinction between the masculine of the collective now and the divine masculine. It may be noted that as we raise in consciousness on the planet, so too do the collective energies. Both the masculine and feminine collectives are coming more into alignment with their divine nature everyday. We are divine by nature, and this divinity is our birthright!

As masculine and feminine lightworkers and Divine Unions we are helping the collective remember their divinity; their divine masculine and divine feminine. One of the ways that we are doing this is by balancing our own sacred masculine and feminine within our bodies. One of my favorite tools for this is Sacred Heart Yoga. Sacred Heart Yoga honors the divine father (right side of the body) and divine mother (left side of the body) within us. As we come into more balance within ourselves, it automatically is received by the collective. Once, we come more into balance within ourselves, then we begin to show up as our divinity in the outer world.

As we come to express our divine feminine and masculine in the outer world, we are confronted by and prompted to move past the illusions of the old, worn out ways of being, and trust our truest selves to live, be and speak our truth in the world. The old masculine way of being through intimidation, coercion, anger, and force is being dissolved as we move into this new earth. The old feminine of being passive, disempowered, self sacrificing, and objectified is being dissolved as this world is shifting into a more balanced way of relating. The truth is balance, the truth is that divine love is growing ever abundantly on this planet. The masculine is learning compassion, and the feminine is learning how to step into their authentic power.

Here is a glimpse of how the divine masculine and divine feminine will support the balance as we come into the new earth. The divine masculine will allow their intuition of their heart and third eye to show them direction. The divine masculine has a natural ability to manifest, but will do so by gently sculpting their visions, as well as will value, appreciate and honor the divine feminine as she steps into her power and manifesting abilities. The divine feminine will embrace their intuitive abilities to share ideas that create positive change that will allow the divine masculine to manifest abundantly. The divine feminine will honor her sacred sexuality, and the power of her illuminated womb to receive and transmute past pain and suffering returning it to love and light. Both the divine masculine and divine feminine will be heart centered in their communication.


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