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Mission in Divine Union

Mission in Divine Union

When I was together physically with my Beloved, the thing I loved more than ever was their toning and light language. When they shared this beautiful gift with me, I felt lifted. I could see, feel, know, hear their light, their beautiful vibration of divine love in expression. I knew this high vibrational energy through my prayers to source, Visioning, and meditation, and energy work. I knew this energy through words, with lyrics of healing energy in music, and through chanting. But the toning was unlike anything else I ever had imagined. How could a tone, one note, one sound vibrating through a human body be healing? It just is. With the power of our positive intentions, whether or not spoken, and the power of sound vibrations... we will raise our vibration and clear what no longer serves us . It is a given. It's all energy.

When I first moved to the area, in which I now reside, I knew I was in the right place, when I saw that there was a reiki group, and newly evolving toning circle. As I went through my own healing process, without my twin in the physical, reiki and toning were a major aspect of this. "Be you," they told me. So, I took it to heart. I created a reiki share, I attracted a toning circle to my home, and later reinvented the existing one. Whatever I loved about my Beloved, I brought forth in my own beingness, through my body, as well as the gifts about myself I already possessed, such as expressive arts.

It is important to focus on mission, especially at this time. It is why you came together, a mission of love.

What can you do to teach/learn how to raise vibration in your local community? Global community?

As you embrace the gifts of your energetic Union, you are on mission.

Energy moves where it's needed. You don't need a YouTube channel to do this, just be you.

This looks so varied for so many Unions. Each path is unique. Only take what resonates for you.

Divine love, Holy Spirit, Source is at the center of you and your Beloved. Without it, the mission is impossible. With it, the impossible mission is made possible!

It is empowering to know that you can be on your mission of divine love regardless of what your Beloved is doing physically. This frees you up to be the most honest, real, genuine self you can be, releasing fears around the opinion of others, abandonment, rejection, and humiliation. If you are being your true self, the energy of your other half, will integrate. It's Divine law.

Recognize and honor the blueprint of this wholeness, perfect, and completeness that is within you. It never left you, even when the twin soul split. It was always there. Allow your other half to energetically return to you, and fill that blueprint as you love those aspects of yourself that feel unlovable, and embrace the best in each other. Recognize the divine source love and light that is at the pinnacle of this sacred Union, love and honor yourself, then love your Beloved from the overflow.

This allows you to tap into that beautiful divine love that is shared. Bask in the light you share by living it. Let your light shine!




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