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Self-Love begins with opening yourself to all that you are. What may arise through this process is all that you are not. All that we judge ourselves for may come to the surface for greater healing. Every emotion we experience can be transformed through love and light. There is nothing wrong with anything we feel. It is all perfect, and in divine order. There is also a distinction between feelings and emotions. Emotions are feelings that we hold onto, and can manifest as all sorts of things in the body. Feelings are the emotions we feel, and feel through and release. They ebb and flow like the tides. Some of us have learned to send love to ourselves when we accomplish something or create something we are really proud of. The challenge is to love ourselves when we are angry, disappointed, afraid, and experiencing a failure of some kind. A love that truly honors ourselves embraces the inner child that feels hurt, sad, angry, or a failure.

It wasn't until I discovered the worst way that I could treat myself, that I really saw what is possible with self-love. I could blame my situation or circumstances, but all in all they were a reflection of how I treated myself. I recognize that I am love. I am an embodiment of love and so are you. We are all love in expression. The problem is that we forgot that, and went through our lives expecting it from everyone else. There is a miraculous thing that occurs when we begin to truely love ourselves, positive thoughts will overpower negative thinking naturally. It is more than just positive thinking. Connect with your heart, and send love back to your heart. With practice, you will hear or feel the messages of your own heart. This is beautiful. Even if you do not understand any of the different chakras, the heart is the bridge with them all. The heart matters.

Love begins with you. You give yourself the love, that you want another to give you. This message is so true with the twin flame journey.

I have read so many blogs about Twin Flames in separation, and the frustration that they feel. This period of separation is for a reason for us to experience a union with the divine, within ourselves, and to balance our own masculine and feminine energies. When all the masks we wear have been removed, then we can dig deeper and find true inner joy and begin to live our life purpose. It isn't until we truly love ourselves unconditionally, can our divine counterpart do the same. This is when Union is possible. It begins with the divinity within you.

One of the most helpful tool along this journey has been "Sacred Heart Yoga." By Virginia Ellen. The beautiful postures combine a variety of yoga practices into a devotional series that recognizes the divinity within us, and brings the union of the masculine and feminine into our being. This gentle yoga practice was one of the first steps I took in surrendering to my divinity within. Also, as an reiki practitioner, I felt that it enhanced my energy work, and the overall balance in my life.

Another very healing tool, that works well to heal past hurt to bring in more love for yourself and others is ho'oponopono. Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. There are four steps to this process, but saying and feeling them in unison will bring the effect of healing. Feel them at your heart center.

"I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you."

Thank you for reading this blog. Have a blessed day or night.

Love, Devon


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