• Devon

Vibrantly Rise out of the Ashes Beloved and Receive Love

The past few weeks leading up to this summer solstice have been a time of surrender. It feels like everything needs to be left behind that no longer serves this ascension journey. Turn your face toward the sun and let the shadows fall behind you. It sometimes feels like a "death" when we think have to let go of "ego" control to move forward and trust, have faith and believe that everything is working together for our good, and the good for our Beloved In this surrender, we take the steps we need to take along this journey with or without our Beloved in the physical. As we surrender, heal, and have faith and trust in the divine, we are directed to our soul purpose one day at a time.

Our Beloved is our mirror. So ask yourself, how am I treating myself? It's important to honor the love that you are, and allow your Beloved to mirror that back to you. Sometimes it's important to set a boundary with your Beloved, not because you hate them, it's out of love, so they can grow, and discover their unlimited potential. We are meant to fly and so is your Beloved. Take flight!

We are here to remind our Beloved, "I love you and I believe in you." I believe that you are capable of handling this, I believe that you can do this, I believe in you! I see you as infinite.

Sometimes, this looks like "tough" love. I know that when I wanted to hide, and didn't believe I was capable of doing something. My Beloved showed "tough love," which I resented, until I learned what they were trying to show me. I am unlimited. And then I showed myself the love that I am. It was then that I became the phoenix I am today, rising out of the ashes, strong, fearless, empowered, and beautiful.

Once we master giving and receiving self-love, then we can focus on learning how to give and receive love from others, including our Beloved. This is not just "giving" love, but also "receiving" love.

Just know your Beloved loves you. Receive that love fully, and completely! Own that they love you! Open your heart fully to the love of your Beloved regardless of whatever is happening with them on the 3D plane of existence! Your heart is a muscle. If you are reading this, then chances are that you have given a lot to support your Sacred Union. It is time to receive! Your heart is a muscle, flex it to receive more love, in all the ways it shows up in the physical and energetic planes.


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