My Divine Partner

My divine partner appreciates my strengths and my imperfections. My divine partner is not afraid of my shadow and my light. My divine partner walks with me by my side through the joys and the challenges. My divine partner treasures my love; sees me completely, hears my truth, and nourishes my soul. My divine partner is there for me, when I need my divine partner most. My divine partner also honors my space, when I need it most. My divine partner leans into our love, and leans into the deepening intimacy. My divine partner treasures me, likes being with me, and the time we have together. My divine partner understands my pain and trauma, and wants to help me grow through it into greater healthy loving connection. My divine partner can sit with the fact that I have acted out of fear, in the past, and loves me anyway. My divine partner can hear my whole story, and listen without judgement. My divine partner sees where I kiss heaven and touch the stars with my soul. My divine parter's soul meets mine. We are One.

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