Alignment (of Energy):  The process of energy alignment brings one's energy into alignment to their Divine Blueprint (remembering of their oneness with their divine nature, which is Unity Consciousness).  Just as a chiropractor makes adjustments to the spine. Energy workers make adjustments to the energetic field of a person to support their energetic alignment. 

Anthroposophy: Established by Rudolph Steiner, Anthroposophy is the philosophy of human wisdom. 

Angelics: Angelics are angelic beings that seek to carry forward the message of love, unity and purity.

Ascended Masters: In the Ascended Master Teachings, Ascended Masters are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations.

Ascension: Sandra Walter on her website, Ascension Path, states that "Ascension is a conscious choice to engage in evolution."

Links:  Sandra Walter, Ascension Guide

Lisa Transcendence Brown, Ascension Guide

Atlantis: Atlantis was an ancient civilization with advanced technologies that was destroyed after a split in consciousness. 

Ba: Ba is body in Mer-Ka-Ba

Balance: Balance is the act of bringing all perceived opposites into a divine union. 

Creatrix: A Creatrix is a female Creator.

Crystalline Consciousness:  Crystalline - Cryst - Christ - Unity - Love Consciousness is the consciousness of pure crystal Light and Love, Peace, Unity, Inclusion; the Divine HUman. 

Crystalline Grid: The Crystalline Grid links the crystals in the Earth to the Love Consciousness across the Earth. One way to feel the power of the Unity field is through the Sunday Unity Meditation with Sandra Walter at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Pacific Time.  Connect with the Sun and align in your own time zone to feel the Unity Consciousness across the Crystalline Grid.

Dark Night of the Soul: The Dark Night of the Soul is a catylctic circumstance or series of circumstances that lead to a downward spiral of consciousness, a temporary forgetting of our oneness with Source. This may include a moment of major depression, pain or suffering that leads into a deeply profound spiritual awakening. 

Divine Sophia: "Sophia is the mother of all creatures, the matrix in which are heaven, the stars, the elements, the Earth, and everything that lives and grows, contained as if in a single image." -Jakob Boehme 

"Awakening consciousness to Sophia will help to nurture the spiritual oneness of humanity, signifying the fulfillment of Sophia's peace bestowing mission, guiding creation toward the wise unfolding of the future, bringing about the global culture known as the Rose of the World." - Sophia and the Unity of Humanity, The Sophia Foundation of North America,  Sophia

Elementals: Elementals are pure Earth spirits or Nature beings. They work with Gaia to support raising, aligning and maintaining the planetary vibration of Pure Light and Love. Link:

Elements: The Elements are the forces of nature: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether that work in harmony in the Universe to bring balance to all Creation, and are the building blocks in the creation of the New Earth reality.  In Ayurvedic medicine, elements are observed and worked with to bring harmony in the human body.

Embodiment: Embodiment is the process of the harmonizing of body, soul and spirit.

F/F#: F is the musical tone to the Heart Chakra.  F# is the musical tone to the High Heart Chakra or Thymus Chakra.

Frequency: Frequencies are sound waves. In Sound Healing, these are the vibrations of Healing Light and Love. 528Hz is the frequency of Love and Miracles. When particles vibrate at 432Hz, there is order and sacred geometry.  Link: 528 Frequency

Gaia: Gaia is the Earth in expression as the Divine Mother (Gaia Sophia).

Gaia Consciousness:  She raises in frequency and vibration as more light enters her field of consciousness. Scientists register the vibrational shifts of the planet Earth through solar flares and the Schumann Resonance.      Link : Heart Math Institute

Galactics: Galactics are extra-terrestrial beings that live in the Milky Way galaxy and beyond. The Galactic Federation of Light is an organization that is in support of humanity's ascension into Love - Peace - Unity Consciousness; following the Law of One.

Great Central Sun: The Great Central Sun also known as Source, is the Source of all Creation.  It is the primary energy center for all of life. The Earth's sun, Solaris is now in unification with the Great Central Sun, and the light codes of remembering of our Divine Gifts and our Oneness with All are coming online.  Play and meditate in the Sun to receive.  Link to Inner Sun Meditation:

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