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A Practical Guide to Thriving on the New Earth: Density

When we think of density, we think of heaviness. Thats the feeling you get with dense energy. With good energy clearing and re-balancing techniques, as well as emotional healing, we can return to a state of natural balance, and we begin to feel lighter. There are a lot of resources out there on energy clearing, and keep looking here, as I may be updating this page with more tools. There is a lot being said in the metaphysical and energy communities about light and dark, good and bad, good and evil, and this is all duality, and it is all heavy. For myself, I resonate more with the idea of dense energies, that need to be released, and re-balanced, that is all. They have no power over you, or no power in an agenda. It is just energy that can be cleared, and transmuted into lighter love vibrations. These densities are being cleared on this planet at this time. In my next post, I will discuss Light body, which is the bodies natural ascension process to welcome in more light.

Love and Light,

Sophia Sunrise

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