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A Practical Guide to Thriving on the New Earth: Higher Self

Higher self is the aspect of us that knows what life is like beyond what we see with our eyes. It is that part of us, that knows us better than we know ourselves, because it remembers all the lives we've had, the lessons already learned, and is available at any moment to guide us along our life's journey. We are never alone, because our higher self is right with us, and loves us unconditionally.

Our higher self is love, and shows us the way of love. It is almost the same as letting Love lead you. Learning to trust and follow guidance from my higher self has been the best, clearest, most defining choice I've made. You can call upon your higher self at any time. One of the greatest tools I've learned is to filter all messages from the universe through my higher self. I'm grateful to the teacher that taught me this. Now you try.

Love and Light,

Sophia Sunrise

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Devon Sophia is a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Sound Energy Practitioner Offering Livestream, Online and In Studio Classes, Events and Sessions. Align & Rise in Love
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