Love Blogs: Love is Leading You Home

By Sophia Sunrise, 01/26/2017

We Are All Awakening in Love

Dear Beautiful Souls,

We are all awakening. It is only a matter of time before it is taken to heart that all the Truth within us is flowing freely, and that it turns to love, to the vibration of Love.

We are strong and powerful; we are united in Love and Light. Love is leading us to greater and greater understanding of our essence. Stand in Love. Breathe Love. Speak Love. Heal with Love. You are Love.

Love is leading you home.

Allow this to happen. Allow Love to lead you beyond the bounds of separation, illusion, dis-ease, dis-harmony into your true knowing, whole, divine you.

You are so much Love. You hold the key within you to live life without barriers. You have what it takes to fly through the winds of change. Your Love is stronger than anything. You are amazing! You've got this!


Sophia Sunrise

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