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To the Divine Masculine

Channeled from my Higher Self at the closing of Lion's Gate.

This is a message to the Divine Masculine:

The Divine Feminine is stepping into her power. Her true power, beyond old belief systems about what power is. She is stepping into her divinity, her High Priestesshood. We ask you Divine Masculine to trust Divine Masculine that this is in your Highest Good. This will help the world heal. You have been entrusted with the power thus far, and now it is your turn to pass the baton. By doing so, you will realize that the Divine Feminine does not need to hurt you or overpower you to be powerful. She is aligning with her divine nature. She is merging with her highest truth and light. She is lifting the veil of the untruths and spreading illuminated joy to all who may receive. Trust, Divine Masculine that this is in Union with the divinity you share. Rise into the light, Divine Masculine and protect your beloved as she rises into her light, and love for all to see, feel, hear, and embody. She is lighting the torch for your illumination. Allow it, Receive it. Your work is done. Rest and Receive, Divine Masculine. Allow your light to shine and shine brightly in divine love illuminating the world with your divine counterpart. Rise to the occassion. Allow the divine feminine to rise to her eternal beautiful, strong, powerful, divine beingness. You will be richly blessed in doing so.



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