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Solstice Sharing

Published for the Songbird Community Healing Center Newsletter:

On December 21st, we are illuminated by the light of the Winter Solstice. This is the shortest day of the year, summoning in the light, as we celebrate the sun’s return. Astronomically speaking, the Winter Solstice, also known as Mid Winter, is the day with the shortest period of daylight, and the longest night of the year. Happening twice a year, one time in each hemisphere, “the Earth’s pole has its maximum tilt away from the Sun,” (Wikipedia). In the Southern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice is celebrated in June (when we celebrate the Summer Solstice). The Summer Solstice honors the outer warmth and light, whereas the Winter Solstice honors the inner warmth and light.

Through the cultures of time immemorial, the return of the sun has been perceived and received with varying perspectives, and all with great reverence. Neolithic monuments in New Grange, Ireland and Maeshowe in Scotland, are aligned with the sunrise on the Winter Solstice. Stonehenge is oriented towards the Winter Solstice sunset. Ancient Solstice Celebrations, such as in Ancient Rome, Saturnalia, was a holiday, that honored the god of agriculture. It was a week long hedonistic period when the harvest was abundant, and things were turned upside down. Peasants controlled the cities, slaves were masters, and businesses and schools were closed, so everyone could join the celebration. On December 25th, the ancients also celebrated the birthday of Mithra, an ancient Persian god of light. Mithra blended with Sol Invictus, and become god of the “unconquered sun (” There are a plethora of stories of the great mystery of Winter Solstice, each with a message of overcoming the darkness by bringing in the light

We are illuminated by the light within. The Winter Solstice is a time of honoring the Divine light in each other. Sacred candle lit passage leads us ever more deeply into the soul spaces within our being. Sacred verse of illuminated text and song creates a rhythmic pulse of the flame everlasting. Sacred ritual draws in a circle of community.

Songbird Community Healing Center will be hosting a Winter Gratitude Celebration on Saturday, December 15th, to gather in sacred community. We will be honoring each other, the Winter Solstice, and our journeys along this labyrinth lantern lit pathway of life, as we walk hand in hand through the darkness, into the light. The winter holidays, shine a light on gratitude. Gratitude is one of the most simple tools for freedom, and so often forgotten. Be ready to release any darkness that has been holding you back, be held in loving space, and be bathed with sacred sound in a vibrational field of love. Create your own illuminated text of pure intention, sing your sacred soul song, and celebrate harmoniously in love, wisdom, and the warmth of cherished community festivities.

Blessings on your Winter Solstice with love, illumination, gratitude, and celebration!

I am in so much gratitude for friends, family and to be on a team of beautifully compassionate practitioners at the Songbird Center. I honor the light in you.

Devon Sophia Delaney is a holistic teacher, practitioner, and sound healer. She is a trained Reiki Master, and studied metaphysics for 13 years. The intent of Devon’s work is wellness in the soul, by accessing your inner well of wisdom through the frequencies of love and light.

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Devon Sophia is a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Sound Energy Practitioner Offering Livestream, Online and In Studio Classes, Events and Sessions. Align & Rise in Love
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