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Dearly Beloveds...

Dearly Beloveds,

We are gathered here on this beautiful planet, we call Gaia to bear witness to the marriage of the divine masculine and divine feminine within.

We are also gathered here to witness the falling away of what no longer serves this holy matrimony. We are witness to the losses, the grief, and sorrow as the old worn out patterns are stripped away from us, to step into the divine ecstatic intimate union.

I realized the necessity of earthing to tune into my ability to hold space, express, and act in loving wisdom. I realized that I really do best when I am able to nurture a loving physical space for myself, before doing that for others. And that when my life moves in a new direction, a change in the wind, to anchor the love into this new place. I also realized that my preferred way of earthing is on the beach in the sand, often times where the water meets the sand. As I have allowed this direction to unfold, then I found myself earthing on the grasses as well.

Instead of getting on the road with a cluttered car, I pulled everything out. Then went to get the car vacuumed and washed. Allowing it to reach its zero point.

As much as I wanted to drive north, this weekend, after a week filled with so much healing, clearing, crying, and forgiveness work. I turned inward, and felt into every painful as well as beautiful memory, and sent it love. I gazed in the mirror, and told my soul to hold loving space for my expansions and contractions, to hold loving space for my successes and failures, to hold loving space for my true voice to be received, honored, and understood. I lay rest, and integrate this new awareness that all is well within. This zero point has arrived. And with this zero point, I crawl forward in the grasses. I surrender to the divine, to divine will, and still honor the freewill of others. I nurture my soul with zinc, elderberry, tulsi rose tea with cocoa, and himalayan salt baths with rose oils.

It is beautiful to inquire into our unique divine masculine. What is our deepest expression? Our outward explosion of love? What degree can we confidently express and act in accordance with our divine truth, word, and deed?

It is also beautiful to inquire into our unique divine feminine. What is our deepest calling? Our inward implosion of love? What degree can we hold loving space for ourselves? in relationship? for the collective?

I realized how far I could go in holding loving space for others, and where I was being stretched out of my comfort zone, into unknown territory. I felt such a huge heart expansion, and then was given the opportunity to stretch further to allow others to process, as I do my best to hold space without reacting, or giving my side of the story. This was not an easy task, and was a struggle into more growth, expansion, and love.

This has really been a moment of surrender.

The surrender for the moment, as the doves begin to coo again,

is what is mine to hold space for and create in Ventura County?

Where have you been pulled into a state of surrender, and answered that call?

With Love, Light and Wisdom,

Devon Sophia Delaney

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Devon Sophia is a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Sound Energy Practitioner Offering Livestream, Online and In Studio Classes, Events and Sessions. Align & Rise in Love
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