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From Grief to Joy

The long road home lead me into some uncharted territory. I left a cabin in the hollow, a community of goats and chickens, friends, employment and Waldorf training in Sonoma County to reunite with family a days drive away. And on the road to recovery, I lost my father. He made his transition in February, and we held his memorial in March. I thought that I was prepared to handle the grief that was before me, but I was wrong. As I allowed my mind, body and soul to endure the feelings arising with grief, it allowed me to deepen in love, compassion, and understanding for myself and the loss, and along with family, I held myself in loving embrace as the grief moved through me.

As I have found my way through the thicket of it all, a new horizon is emerging with hummingbirds, roses, and oceanic landscapes. My purpose, vision, and offerings begin to realize their potential. My website is now updated with beautiful, intuitive divine wisdom, honoring this unique path forward, and is now combining with the logos, the logical progression of the mind, grounded, and in language that is comprehensible. Please read the updated bio and offerings. I am meeting new beautiful souls in the central, as well as southern coastal regions of California, and my perspective is shifting, aligning and rising in consciousness.

If you are in the Ventura area, Saturday, Aug 17th is the August Toning Circle that will support integration of the Lion's Gate and Aquarius Full Moon energies in a beautiful, harmonic way. See the Events page for more details and updates on events.

I am happy to be offering services in Energy Alignment, Sound Healing, Expressive Arts & Holistic Education:

Chakra Toning Sovereign Soul Embodiment Sessions

In Crystalline Wisdom Energy Alignment, Devon Sophia aligns with her I Am Presence (Embodied Higher Self) to hold loving space for you, her client, with divine feminine wisdom, and grounded Source-aligned energy medicine, crystals and through permission of the Higher Self of her client for healing, alignment, and the highest and best good.

Sound Baths Sound Healing Sessions Toning Circles

In Sound Healing, you receive a harmonic medley of vocals, tibetan bowls, crystal geometrics, oceanic drumming, and pure love frequencies through sound vibration. Sound healing works on a cellular level to heal the body, and renew the soul.

Workshops Toning Circles Coaching

In Expressive Arts, Devon Sophia holds a loving space, and may offer art tools, and other expressive arts, including sound, movement, and meditation to the client to support them in aligning with their deep wisdom and soul purpose.

Courses K-8 Tutoring Toning Training

In Holistic Education, you receive loving support through education of the mind (developing intuition, K-8 tutoring), body (embodiment practices, earthing, Sacred Heart Yoga, conscious dancing), and spirit (through universal spiritual teachings, content, and coursework).

Go to the Events page for Toning Circles, Classes, and Talks. Devon Sophia is also available on a limited basis for group and individual sessions online and in person.

Devon Sophia Delaney is a creative artist, teacher, and practitioner. She is a vision poet, painter and illustrator. With a Master in Education, Devon Sophia is a nurturing, growing, ever evolving, and enriching educator. She is an intuitive receiver and messenger of divine feminine wisdom. Devon Sophia is a practicing vocal sound healer and Reiki Master. She also practices meditation, affirmative prayer, toning, and divination arts.

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Devon Sophia is a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Sound Energy Practitioner Offering Livestream, Online and In Studio Classes, Events and Sessions. Align & Rise in Love
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