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I'd like to teach the world to see

Today in choir we previewed a new song. "I'd like to teach the world to sing (in perfect harmony)." The funny thing was that this was the song that touched my heart, when we sang it in elementary school. As a child, this was the song that allowed me to create a beautiful vision of the world, and feel like I had purpose for being in it. We can see the beauty in the world, no matter what it looks like on the outside. Each person is playing their part in the great unfolding mystery of life. Teaching the world to sing, in a way teaches the world to see through truth, light, and love.

"I'd like to teach the world to sing" by the New Seekers (This one from my childhood)

I'd like to build the world a home And furnish it with love Grow apple trees and honey bees And snow white turtle doves

I'd like to teach the world to sing In perfect harmony I'd like to hold it in my arms And keep it company

I'd like to see the world for once All standing hand in hand And hear them echo through the hills For peace through out the land (That's the song I hear)

For a moment I thought I was finished with this post. Yet, the full circle has a third part. Over the last few years, the christ light expansion meditation has became a powerful living practice to stay in this field of truth, light and love. This meditation has helped me to live into my life purpose, connect to my heart, the heart of humanity, and the heart of Mother Earth.

Unity Meditations are on Sundays at 5:11AM, 8:11AM, 11:11AM PST. its a way to connect with beautiful light workers across the planet in a field of love, light and peace. For information about Unity Meditations, visit


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