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Pure Love Holistic Arts offers Holistic Education and More

What is Holistic Education?  

Education for mind, body, and spirit honoring true unique expression and oneness with all life.

Devon Sophia of Pure Love Holistic Arts recognizes the needs of the mind to know, and harmonizes them with the needs of the body to balance, and the needs of the spirit to be free.

With Starseed Tutoring, we recognize that we are all made of stars, have the ability to manifest our greatest good, and need support along the way to nurture our true soul purpose.

In Starseed Tutoring, there is a mentoring relationship with teacher and student, as the student identifies and shares needs of the mind, needs of the body and needs of the spirit.

In the Starseed Tutoring process, tools and supports are provided to teach the student how to  meet the needs of their mind, needs of their body, and needs of their spirit, in a natural flow. 

The needs of the mind may include, but are not limited to bringing awareness to the known, comprehension of academics, mindfulness, clear vision, peace, creative flow, and wisdom.

The needs of the body may include, but are not limited to nourishment, strength, alignment, empowerment, balance, physical stamina, playfulness, movement, serenity and stillness. 

The needs of the spirit may include, but are not limited to soul purpose, learning lessons, taking risks with discernment, bringing in higher awareness and raising consciousness.

Devon Sophia Delaney is trained in modalities to support the needs of mind, body and spirit.  She holds a Masters in Education, and has 8+ years of professional teaching experience. With credentials in teaching arts, ELL, special needs, with experienced methods in SEL/ ELA. She is a Usui Reiki Master, Sound Healer, & Wellness Practitioner, trained in Intuitive Mastery.

If you are interested in learning more about this offering, and other services by Pure Love Holistic Arts, please contact Devon at or visit to book a free Holistic Education Consultation session. 


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Devon Sophia is a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Sound Energy Practitioner Offering Livestream, Online and In Studio Classes, Events and Sessions. Align & Rise in Love
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