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Reflecting on the Twin Flame Journey

The lessons along the Twin Flame journey have been phenomenal. The Twin Flame, is a unified energy and frequency of pure love shared by two people. You are welcome to do your own reading on the subject, it takes a lot of discernment. My journey began, not long after I had my first reiki attunement. In a moment of my life, when I was quite balanced in head, heart and spirit, the connection came together. It was my second time reading "Calling in the One, " I was dating multiple people, I was in my groove as an educator, and my creativity was soaring, and I felt one with Source God Creator. That's when it happened, I met my twin flame. I didn't even know what a twin flame was at the point. Who I met, was the person that catalyzed an even greater awakening than I would have ever imagined possible.

Instead of feeling like I was in heaven, it actually felt like a fall from grace. It was a two year roller coaster, that I didn't know where or how to get off. It felt like we were on the world's stage, playing our parts, and triggering opportunities for each into greater self-love. I didn't know how, or I didn't fully allow this kind of love. I ran from it, I roared at it, I feared it, I created space from it, and ultimately I ended it. Before that moment, I was terrified that I would be left alone. That was when spirit, Source, God, Christ Consciousness really showed up for me. I had hit rock bottom, and I was determined to raise my vibration again. I knew I was love, I forgot that I was love, and now I had this opportunity to be with the woman in the mirror, and love her completely. Spiritual guidance and friendship showed up to allow me to deepen my union.

I learned how to fully unify within. I was still really stuck on the attachment that a twin flame is a physical person, and that I needed to fully love that person to free myself from the pain of separation. I know now that the Twin Flame is an energy. My Beloved is an energy. That the first place to look is deep within, and learn to love my shadow, my light, all of me.

I learned the ways of the divine feminine: to hold space, to nurture, to receive womb wisdom, to nourish the soul. As I learn to love all aspects of my body, soul, and spirit, I close the gap of separation from my Beloved. Beloved, energy flowing from deep within, from a place of no separation. Inner child is held, loved, seen and heard. It's amazing what one can learn to love! Yes, even that too! Your beloved loves that about you, because your Beloved sees you through the eyes of God. I know now that my beloved is the embodiment of Godliness in form. It's the Divine I Am Presence living in each one of us. There is a frequency and resonance that beckons me forth, flaming light of love.

There have been a lot of teachers and tools that I have turned to along the Twin Flame Journey, some have been more helpful than others. The work of Cassidy Cayne has been an essential tool in staying true to my core.


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