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This message was channeled from my higher self for the Divine Feminine while accessing the Akashic records.

We do acknowledge that this has been a lot for you. You are doing tremendous healing. Honor that. Honor all the work you have done and are doing to support the divine feminine collective, and your divine union with your beloved.

All is well.

I know this is hard to hear, because it may look so different than that in the physical. But trust that all is well and is unfolding as needed at this time.

Divine Timing is at work in your Union. Your believing is making Union so. Keep believing in your Union. Don't give up Faith.

Release attachment to them, whatever that looks like in the physical. You both must feel free and at peace. Release the past. Time is an illusion. Timelines are dissolving.

Keep raising in vibration, and believe that your Beloved will rise with you.

Rise without attachment to the outcome my beloveds. You are so strong, so powerful, so beautiful, each one of you.

Enter your womb space and honor your value, intentions, and creativity.

Trust in all the love that you are. You are divine love. You are divine light.

You are absolute love in expression. Be it. Own it. Feel it.

Step into your divine power divine feminine. It's okay to be strong. It's okay to be you.

You are perfect just as you are. You are loved just as you are.

As we reach this void, this zero point, we can be at peace, for it has been a long journey.

Enter the womb space and allow your intentions to be nourished with love and light.

Receive the divine masculine, when it is time.

Prepare a space for them in the physical, in your heart and in your womb space.

Hold space for them. Hold light for them.

Honor the value you bring to the planet divine feminine.

You are a beacon of light and love. You are Divine.

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