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Happy Harvest Season


Breathe - Mantra, Meditation & Mindfulness Class W/ Devon Sophia

Thurs 11am at Yoga Jones in Ventura, CA US

8 week class Thru Oct 27th, In Person & Online

Bring balance to mind, body and spirit through the breath. Learn basic meditation techniques. Learn mantras to improve focus and support clarity. Create a foundation for a daily mindfulness practice. Relax & receive a gentle sound bath. In-Person 24 HR RSVP with

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We recently added this Tuesday 11am PST Kundalini Yoga class, ...

after completing the 200HR Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training offered at Soul Body in Ojai. There are many benefits through dedicated practice in Kundalini Yoga, including that it may relieve anxiety, depression, sleep issues and more. It is a beautiful practice with chanting, meditation, and movement. The focus on moving the spine for balance also allows for energetic alignment. Relax & receive a gentle gong bath. In-Person 24 HR RSVP with

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Now offering Sound Healing sessions in Ojai...

with exquisite vocals, quality crystal bowls, gongs, Tibetan bowls, chimes and more. All to support your best self, highest alignment in body, mind and spirit.

We will see you at Ojai Day on Oct 16th! 10am-4pm PST at the SoulBody Booth for free 5 min mini samples and short but sweet 15-20 minute sale sessions! Also, book early for Thursday Nov 18th sessions in the Kundalini Room for up to 3 people private sound session.

Thursday, 11/18 11am-4pm SoulBody Ojai

Book a Free Connection Call Now HERE with Devon at Pure Love at


Seasoned Teacher Supporting Homeschool Families through the Changing Tides

We have went through extensive training to support students in education. At this moment, a lot of parents are dealing with the decision of whether they will continue sending their children to school, or pull them out and teach their children themselves. This is a hard choice to make, but you don't have to be alone in this process! I want to support homeschool families, especially families that know their child is a big soul, and are parents that want to support their child's soul purpose, and unique journey. Most recently we are building a repertoire of tools to support kids holistically, and more importantly, intuitively. Over the weekend, we trained in Radiant Child Yoga to integrate yoga, mindfulness and meditation. We are available for consultation, tutoring, coaching and healing support to homeschool caregivers. Book a Free Consultation Now HERE with Devon Sophia at


Pure Love with Devon Sophia

Align, Embody & Rise in Love

Pure Love Holistic Arts offers services in yoga, sound healing and homeschool education.

Sound healing nourishes the body and soul. Devon Sophia uses her voice to soothe the soul, and align with the Higher Self. Featuring quality instrumentals, including crystal and Tibetan bowls, gongs, crystals geometrics, shamanic rattles, drums and sticks, and chimes, you are held in sacred space as you integrate your whole self.

Yoga is the union of body, mind and spirit. Devon Sophia creates a sacred space for transformation of body and soul. Through mindfulness practices, movement, chanting, you are brought into your inner divine union. With a 200HR CYT and 200HR Kundalini Yoga Teaching Certified Teacher, you are invited to expand your embodied presence.

Tutoring offers support for home school families. Devon Sophia practices a holistic perspective of the child, honoring intellectual, as well as social emotional and spiritual aspects. With a Masters in Education, credentials and years of experience teaching students with special needs, you are supported in a holistic, spiritually integrated nurturing learning experience.

Book a Free Connection Call Now HERE with Devon at Pure Love to see how we can best support you!

Pure Love with Devon Sophia

Align, Embody & Rise in Love

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Devon Sophia is a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Sound Energy Practitioner Offering Livestream, Online and In Studio Classes, Events and Sessions. Align & Rise in Love
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