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Telepathy: My insight and experience in this communication

I was told that I had an ear infection when I was first born. When I was a child, I was prone to ear infections, but overall I have been blessed with good hearing. The ears are a channel for communication, as well as balance. Now, as an adult, my sensibility about my ears has changed. I see them as a gateway to better tune into my telepathic abilities. When I receive a message telepathically, there will be a whoosh sound in my ears to indicate that is a clear signal.

When I use to think of telepathy, I would think that you were able to read someone else's mind. I felt that it was much more related to the physical reality on some level. Over several years of experiencing telepathic abilities, I would say that telepathy can be a direct unspoken conscious method of communication between two humans. However, most of the time, one person is conscious, and the other person is unconscious. That is not to say that this is a way to control someone's thoughts, or control the unconscious one. I actually have found telepathy quite the opposite. With any extra sensory ability, I believe that it takes focus, strength of will, but also great responsibility. It is not will over another, but 'will' to receive a communication from another that wants to be sent, or will to send a message that another can receive telepathically. With all communications, it's important to remember kindness. In my experience, telepathy has been helpful to receive messages that are positive guidance, on a synchronistic path, unifying, and build coherence. Telepathy has been helpful for sending messages to set healthy boundaries, as well as unify and build coherence.

Source: Pathways for Families

I believe that telepathic abilities connect at a Higher Self level. When I think of the Higher Self, I mean that aspect of ourselves that truly knows what is best for us. It is an aspect of our intuition that is in alignment with our true nature, highest guidance. As I have tuned in deeper to this intuitive nature, I have allowed this embodiment of my Higher Self. This is the I Am Presence. What this means is that we live as our truth, light and love on this earth. So, telepathic abilities may begin to be received from a separate source, but as you gain experience in telepathy, it can feel like an embodied presence. When I engage in telepathic communication, in pure intent, I create space and allow myself to send and receive the messages to and from the Higher Self of another.

Development of telepathy has been a helpful tool to discern the source of messages. Sometimes, the messages can come from the collective around a global issue, a community or group that I'm connected to, or another individual. Another aspect of discernment is to recognize that just because you sent and/or received a communication with someone's Higher Self, that you still need to check in on a human level. This is why, it is important to discern where the message is coming from. I also intend that all messages I receive are now in highest pure guidance.

To begin to develop your own telepathic abilities, I would recommend developing a relationships with your Higher Self, and receive the telepathic messages from your Higher Self guidance. I now discern to make sure messages all are received by my Higher Self, before I begin to receive them. If you already have a powerful relationship with your Higher Self, then you are already on the right track on developing your telepathic abilities! It is important to remember to develop your relationship with your Higher Self, act responsibly, honor freewill, apply discernment and intend for the highest and best good with all you are communicating with telepathically.


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